Fascinating Fact #27




By Leisa Doherty


What is a life worth living?


According to positive psychology, one of the ways in which we can make ourselves feel good and induce positive emotions is to live a life that is in alignment with our core values. We all have core values that define the essence of who we are. Some people base theirs on the importance of family and friends and living a healthy lifestyle. Other important values may be respect, integrity and a good work ethic.


Once we define our core values, we can ask ourselves how well does my life align with these values? The point is that in order to live an authentic life, our core values should drive all our decisions and actions. When our choices are in alignment with these values, we are living an authentic life and feel good about ourselves.




Steger, F., Sheline, K., Merrieman, L., &Kashdan, T., (2013). Using the science of meaning
to invigorate values-congruent, purpose-driven action. In J. Ciarrochi& T. Kashdan (Eds), Mindfulness, Acceptance, and Positive Psychology: The seven foundations of well-being (pp. 240-266). New Harbinger Publications: Oakland, CA.


Photo: Aaron Burden


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Zoltán Csigás


"I had the pleasure to work in a team led by Bea in the ODWS 2010 initiative, where I got to know her as a dedicated, open minded and goal-oriented professional. Her skills in organizing and project management, combined with her empathy and well-applied coaching skills ensured that our team could deliver exceptional results. I do have to highlight her skills to manage diverse expectations and a number of different demands at the same time and her ability to balance between being results-oriented and friendly. "



Csigás Zoltán
Vice President Research at EMCC & Research Director at GROW OD Group
European Mentoring and Coaching Council INTACT - Budapest