The Happiness Advantage Workshop™ brings the proven science of positive psychology and its impact on productivity, adaptability, resilience and optimism to the workplace. The greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy is a positive and engaged brain. It is essential in rapidly changing environments. Through the Happiness Advantage, organizations lay the foundation for creating a significant positive shift in employee engagement levels, provide a pathway to sustainable behavior change, deepen social connection and reduce stress levels in connection with desired business outcomes.

We often talk about ROI (Return of investment) but what about ROH – Return On Happiness?

The Workshop teaches the 7 core principles of the science of happiness from The Happiness Advantage. Collectively, these principles springboard people at the individual, team and organization levels to infuse positive practices in their personal habits, team work routines and the organization’s culture.

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Shawn Achor Ted talk

Shawn Achor is considered a leading experts on the connection between happiness and success. He spent 12 years at Harvard, winning over a dozen distinguished teaching awards, before traveling to over 50 countries bringing his research to over one-third of the Fortune 100.

The Happiness Advantage

Because positive brains have a biological advantage over brains that are neutral or negative, this principle teaches us how to retrain our brains to capitalize on positivity so we can improve our productivity and performance. Also provides 5 proven tactics to increase happiness.

The Zorro Circle

Our brains need to record wins in order to feel like our behavior matters – this is especially true in times of change. When challenges loom and we get overwhelmed, our rational brains can get hijacked by emotions. This principle teaches us how to regain control and insure short term wins by focusing first on small, manageable goals, and then gradually expanding our circle to achieve bigger and bigger ones.

The 20-Second Rule

Sustaining lasting change often feels impossible because our willpower is limited. And when willpower fails, we fall back on our old habits and succumb to the path of least resistance. This principle shows how, by making small energy adjustments, we can reroute the path of least resistance and replace bad habits with good ones and make transition easier to initiate.

The Social Investment Solution

In the midst of challenges and stress, a strong social support network is the greatest predictor of both performance and happiness. Instead of hunkering down and retreating within themselves, the most successful people invest in their friends, peers, and family members to propel themselves forward. Learn how to engage others to insure mutual success.

Mindset Matters

How we experience the world, and our ability to succeed within it, constantly changes based on our mindset. This principle teaches us how we can adjust our mindset and embed this powerful practice into our work routines in a way that increases our power to be more fulfilled and more successful.

The Tetris Effect

Also called cognitive afterimage, this concept creates patterns and filters. When our brains get stuck in a pattern that focuses on stress and negativity, we set ourselves up to fail. This principle teaches us how to retrain our brains to spot patterns of possibility, so we can see – and seize – opportunity wherever we look. Leverage this concept in work routines to help your team uncover positive solutions amidst chaos and turbulence.

Falling Up

In the midst of defeat, stress and crisis, our brains map different paths to help us cope. This principle is about finding the mental path that not only leads us up out of failure or suffering, but allows us to be happier and more successful because of it. Successful companies leverage this concept by telling and amplifying stories of triumph and creating legends of hope optimism and resilience.

“The Happiness Advantage | Orange Frog Workshop has given everyone
a framework of seven different methods to generate positive impacts
and take change head-on.”

Gary Baker, President Insurance Intermediaries, Inc.

The Book


Shawn Achor has wrote a fable called ‘Orange Frog’, which is the basis of ‘happiness as competitive advantage’ workshop, in order to convey the essential messages relating to happiness advantage. Principles infiltrate in to the organizations through the common language and establish the individual positive behaviour changes in the main daily activities hereby supporting to achieve the desired organizational results.


Our performer is the dorky frog called Spark, who is the protagonist of our fable. Like his name suggests: he rekindles as a sparkle, then spreads the new culture, behavioural patterns in his environment.


Through the history of frogs, participants can discover their own workplace, and explor the similar pressures on them, the same characters, and define the same threats.