IV. Positive Psychology Conference – Central Europe Budapest

"The Vital Role of Positive Emotions"


Our aim is to organize a conference for you that reflects the spirit of Positive Psychology, provides growth, inspiration and handy practices you can immediately build in your everyday life. We believe Positive Psychology is the science that has the answers for the ever growing challenges of our fast changing business and social environment.




The conference provides recent research results, and working practices in four territories: science, health, education and business.
This year Barbara Fredrickson will be our appreciated key note speaker. Barbara is a world-renowned social psychologist at the University of North Carolina. Her revolutionary discoveries about the role of positive emotions in our life have changed almost every aspects of leadership, health care, education.

In 2019 for the first time we will open up our conference, by inviting guests and speakers from our neighbor countries!

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We are awaiting scientists of our universities, students, CEO-s, HR professionals, teachers and healthcare professionals, all those who are responsible for a meaningful performance in their environment.

We expect around 400 participants in the audience.

Recent Blog Posts

Positive Genius

Able constantly create positive change of reality


Recently I had a colleague, who I believed talented, experienced and I want her to work with. Within half a year I realized that my decision to hire her wasn't right. Although I liked her a lot, she had a great humour, experinences, knowledge what I will never have, finally our cooperation didn't work. What was my expectation? What went wrong? What mistakes I made? Hopefully I will find answers and will learn from this experience. 

Positive news for one month


Shawn Achor, expert of the positive psychology, writer of the Happiness Advantage book and many others, proposes us to decrease the noise caused by news flood and let’s try to minimize both the amount and the negative news we get.

Positive Projectmanagement

Tips for ProjectManagers


Your attitude is contagious.

Choose to be a positive project manager. Your positive thinking will influence project team members, other stakeholders around you.

If you are happy, excited about your project, others will feel and become energised as well. If you believe that problem solving is a simple step in your project, your team members will feel the same, will solve challenges and other stakeholders will trust you and your team. 


Brigitta Simo


"Bea was a real asset in the coach team. She is a very nice person to work with. She is an excellent professional who does her work with dedication and enthusiasm. She easily communicates with all type of people, creative, pro-active and goal-oriented. For me as an administrative person, it was a pleasure to work with her. Even she was working as a field coach, she did her admin tasks punctually as well."



Brigitta Simo
Specialized Procurement Analyst