Roman Kurniczky


LPR Trainer
Tel.: +421 90 420 90 59, Slovakia

Roman-1-350x254.jpgRoman Kurnický serves as Managing partner and principal Consultant in Recruitmen and Developium Group, co-founder of cut-e slovakia – on-line psychodiagnostics European leader.


Roman is a certified consultant for the Orange frog™ workshop – Leading Positive results in Budapest in 2014 by Paul Rigby. Roman attended TASC coaching training – ECCC – certified coach of Erickson College. He is certified also as moderator for Lego Serious Play methodology by Robert Rasmussen and facilitates plenty of creative, strategic and sales implementation workshops and teambuildings using this methodology.


Roman has 15 years of experience in the area of human resources as an internal trainer, HR manager in pharmaceutical industry and external consultant, trainer and coach for individuals and organizations. Proven skills in building competency models, behavioural selection process, designing training materials and creating and implementing HR processes. Innovative and systematic consultant who offers organizations complex development programs, consulting services and guidance in creating HR strategies and implementation of HR systems. Dynamic, highly oriented on measurable results of HR activities with a sense of humour.


After leaving HR department in Pharmaceutical industry in 2008, he began to run his own business and founded company Developium contact focusing on Assessment and Development Centres, complex development programs, HR consulting and individual coaching.


Roman was the Human Resource Manager of Servier Laboratories Slovakia for 4 years. Prior to this, he was the Trainer and Consultant at Maxman Consultanst for Czech Republic and Slovakia in Bratislava for 2.5 years and he had started as HR Generalist in Metro Cash and Carry Slovakia for 2 years. Roman is Slovak nationality, with university degree at Commenius University, Faculty of Arts with specialization in Organizational psychology graduated with Honors of Dean.

Recent Blog Posts

Positive Genius

Able constantly create positive change of reality


Recently I had a colleague, who I believed talented, experienced and I want her to work with. Within half a year I realized that my decision to hire her wasn't right. Although I liked her a lot, she had a great humour, experinences, knowledge what I will never have, finally our cooperation didn't work. What was my expectation? What went wrong? What mistakes I made? Hopefully I will find answers and will learn from this experience. 

Positive news for one month


Shawn Achor, expert of the positive psychology, writer of the Happiness Advantage book and many others, proposes us to decrease the noise caused by news flood and let’s try to minimize both the amount and the negative news we get.

Positive Projectmanagement

Tips for ProjectManagers


Your attitude is contagious.

Choose to be a positive project manager. Your positive thinking will influence project team members, other stakeholders around you.

If you are happy, excited about your project, others will feel and become energised as well. If you believe that problem solving is a simple step in your project, your team members will feel the same, will solve challenges and other stakeholders will trust you and your team. 


Zoltán Csigás


"I had the pleasure to work in a team led by Bea in the ODWS 2010 initiative, where I got to know her as a dedicated, open minded and goal-oriented professional. Her skills in organizing and project management, combined with her empathy and well-applied coaching skills ensured that our team could deliver exceptional results. I do have to highlight her skills to manage diverse expectations and a number of different demands at the same time and her ability to balance between being results-oriented and friendly. "



Csigás Zoltán
Vice President Research at EMCC & Research Director at GROW OD Group
European Mentoring and Coaching Council INTACT - Budapest