Collaboration for reaching the goals

In the VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) change is permanent. Vital for organizations to plan strategically, manage professionally. Positive Attitude Consulting team is able to manage change through positive approach, by helping to transfer find energy, inspiration and your Change Ambassadors. We highly focus on organizational well function, well-being and fun at work.



Inspirational, energized organization

During the elaboration of our consulting and training programs we constantly pay attention to maintaining the harmony of well being of both the individuals and the organization beyond business efficiency. #Engagement, #Inspiration, #Wellbeing



In broad spectrum

We offer a wide range of leadership development services: from junior leaders to leaders with decades of experience. We constantly search for inspirational development opportunities beyond the leadership role.



Workshop for more positive and productive workplace and lifestyle

The Happiness Advantage Workshop™ brings the proven science of positive psychology and its impact on productivity, adaptability, resilience and optimism to the workplace. The greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy is a positive and engaged brain. It is essential in rapidly changing environments. Through the Happiness Advantage, organizations lay the foundation for creating a significant positive shift in employee engagement levels, provide a pathway to sustainable behavior change, deepen social connection and reduce stress levels in connection with desired business outcomes.


About us

Our company was established in order to spread exclusively the ‘Narancs Béka Workshop’ in 9 countries of Central Europe. ‘Narancs Béka Workshop’ is a program, which is based on the foundations of positive psychological researches taken place in 152 countries.

Foundations and methodology of the program are developed by Shawn Achor in America, who has proved by his researches taken place more than 100 organizations that happiness as competitive advantage can have measurable benefits for business efficiency .

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